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Customer Service: Get Organized With These 5 Daily Habits

Posted on January 21, 2016 by Phyllis Gillman

We all see it. 

The desk littered with sticky notes, handwritten to-do lists and piles of paperwork. In fact, I’ve been guilty of a disorganized desk, myself. But constantly searching for the information, notes and tasks we need to complete can be overwhelming and stressful. Using technology to organize my workflow, to-do lists and information provides me with the freedom to work more efficiently and cut back on unnecessary stress. 

Get Organized with These 5 Daily Habits

1. Focus on One Task

We all think we’re great multi-taskers. But the truth is, we’re much less productive and effective when we attempt to juggle multiple duties. Sometimes our jobs require us to perform multiple tasks. When possible, focusing on one thing at a time can help you do it correctly and efficiently the first time around. 

2. Streamline Your Notes

When your job does require you to multi-task, streamlining your notes and tracking information in one, organized, easy-to-find place can make your life so much easier. Wallpapering your cubicle with sticky notes actually makes them lose their effectiveness. Instead, stick a note up when you have something extremely important you want right in front of you. 

For other information, take advantage of the notes in your agency management tool so that they are saved under the correct client and easy to look up. Calendaring your tasks and setting alerts can also help you manage information and meet deadlines. With constant phone calls and requests from colleagues, interruptions can be extremely common. Keeping notes in one place will save you grief and time later. Additionally, organizing your notes can make them easier to share with colleagues, giving you one place to organize them so they can be sent or copied easily. 

3. Make a Plan

Taking a few minutes each morning to create a plan can help set your day up for success. It’s interesting how we often think we can attack the day and just wing it. Instead, the power of making a plan has been shown to increase productivity, focus and efficiency. 

4. Declutter your Desk

We sometimes find comfort in our mess. Despite the familiarity of your own disorganization, de-cluttering your space can help you feel more organized mentally as you plan your day and transition from task to task. I’ve found that keeping frequently used items directly near my dominant side (I’m right handed) and retiring items only used once or twice a week has helped me free my desk from unnecessary clutter. Cleaning your space can help you organize your thoughts and responsibilities.  

5. Toss and File Unnecessary Paperwork

Throwing things away can be difficult for many of us. What if we need to reference that paperwork? What if we need the information on that sticky note? Electronically organizing information that you may need in the future (such as phone numbers and client names) makes it much easier to search and reference in the future. Scan client paperwork that you need and attach it electronically so it can be found easily by you (or co-workers). Transfer handwritten notes to an electronic system before heading home for the day. Having a desk free of paperwork can help you come in every morning ready to pick up where you left off and tackle new tasks. 

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