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Does Your Insurance Sales Process Achieve These 4 Goals?

Posted on March 31, 2016 by Mark Sonders

Sonders' Selling Tips

No doubt you’ve heard the somewhat overused but true verbiage, “Work smarter, not harder.” 

Nowhere is this more applicable than in your sales process. Regardless of how great your service after the sale may be, unless you can close the deal in a timely and seamless process, your best prospects may end up turning elsewhere for their insurance needs. The right automation tools can keep your sales process running like a well-oiled machine. It all comes down to the ease of doing business. Your clients will take the path of least resistance, so your job is to make buying insurance as painless as possible.

According to CSO Insights, a formalized sales process leads to a 65% increase in individual reps hitting their targets, and an 88% increase in companies hitting their targets. Ask yourself the following questions about your current sales automation tools and process. If you can deliver on these points, then you are well on your way to maintaining maximum profitability and achieving your agency’s sales goals. If not, then maybe it is time to explore new options in sales technology solutions.

Insurance sales goals

Does It Improve Win Rates?

Data in a system ensures leads are not lost or forgotten. The right sales processes improve win rates. The sales cycle timeline can be reduced by having a system that keeps you on track, and offers marketing so you can “nurture” prospects until it’s the right time to engage. If you are in front of the customer with an enticing offer when he has made the decision to purchase coverage, you have already won half the battle.

Does It Shorten the Sales Cycle?

Remember the days of the “post-it-note”? Hopefully, you’ve advanced your prospect record keeping process beyond the world of the sticky note. The best sales automation tools will help you keep track of potential sales prospects and make sure you follow-up with a lead in a timely manner. Time is too valuable a commodity to waste.

Does It Maximize Deal Profitability?

The best automation process will improve overall profitability by not only meeting a current insurance need but also by account rounding, up-selling and cross selling. Open your customer’s eyes not only to what they need right now but provide a solution to cover any future needs or changing life circumstances. Tools don’t persuade people, good sales people do their due diligence to ask. However, with the right tools, your producers can see at a glance a portfolio of all the insurance products each customer has purchased and make that call or visit when the time is right.

Does It Align with Your Customers Buying Process?

You can be in touch with your customer’s needs by utilizing data provided by a sales automation tool. For example, you know when the customer’s polices expire because you put it in the system. A policy renewal date is the perfect time to ask those leading questions. Examples: Homeowners with high end homes may need additional riders for electronics or jewelry. How about flood or earthquake coverage? In commercial insurance, does a business have an increase in employees and need to purchase workers’ compensation insurance? Those are the “account rounding” pieces that are critical to making sure the person or business is adequately covered because you asked the right questions.


If you are ready to take your agency to the next level in terms of profitability, how about investing in the tools your sales teams need to do their job to very best of their ability. With a system, you never lose track of a lead, you always know that opportunities are getting the attention they need and you can see your estimated future growth, so you know if you’re on track or not. The best leads and customers will find their way to the agencies that have mastered the art of the sale with the latest in sales automation technology. Make sure your agency is at the top of the class.

For those of you thinking about how you can use technology to make an immediate impact on your agency's growth in 2016, I'd invite you to watch our on-demand version of our recent webcast on improving efficiency of sales in the insurance industry.

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Mark Sonders

Mr. Sonders is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Vertafore. With over 25 years of sales, marketing, and financial experience at companies like Thomson Reuters and Kaplan Financial, Mark’s career has focused on delivering long-term success for his clients in order to help them get the maximum value out of his organizations products and services.




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