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Customer Service: 4 Steps to Improve Your Team’s Chemistry

Posted on March 30, 2016 by Phyllis Gillman

Improving team chemistry

I’ve been on a variety of customer service teams: some extremely tight knit ones and some that lacked chemistry.

No matter what your current team looks like, working together can improve efficiency (and if you’re anything like me, completing your tasks faster and better is always a priority). How can you take the team you’re on currently and improve comraderie and team work so that you’re utilizing everyone’s strengths and specific skills? 

Incorporate some of the following tips into your daily interactions and tasks and you’ll be well on your way to developing a more cohesive customer service team that really gets things done!

1. Streamline Tasks (Ahead of Time)

When setting up your management system, you may need to revisit some of the steps and rules you’ve established. Are all the steps you currently need to complete in your workflow really necessary? Eliminate redundant tasks and focus on what you really need to complete, starting with your most urgent tasks first. By knocking out what needs to be done immediately, you’ll free up time to help your teammates put out fires. 

Most importantly, make sure there is visibility into tasks across the team. If your co-worker calls in sick, will you know if they have tasks that need to be completed right away? By increasing visibility, you can ensure tasks don’t fall through the cracks when teammates are gone unexpectedly.

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2. Gather Honest Feedback

Last week, we talked about using the information from client surveys in a meaningful way to improve customer interactions. But when was the last time you gathered feedback from your team? Understanding specific pain points can help your entire team identify individual strengths and weaknesses so you can help each other and determine training opportunities. Ask about specific steps or tasks that members of your team might have a hard time with. 

Chances are, some of those tasks your team struggles with may be eating up their precious time. Learn how you can help them improve at skills that may be holding them back and where you can offer a helping hand so that you can help each other become more efficient. 

3. Offer Praise

It’s surprising how far a compliment can go. Did your teammate cover for you while you were out of the office unexpectedly? Send them an email of thanks. It’s really that simple. 

Bonus tip: Have a monthly or weekly team meeting? Set aside 3 minutes at the beginning of each meeting for praises and lessons learned. Public praise can be so powerful to letting your teammates know they’re appreciated. Additionally, gathering information about something they’ve learned or struggled can reveal great insight that ignites change and improvement. 

4. Tap into Your Emotional Intelligence 

We all deal with difficult people throughout the day, whether co-workers, customers or even vendors. But while it’s a given that you’ll encounter someone at work who may make your job a little harder, controlling your emotions by looking at the way you feel from a rational place can help you overcome team interaction hurdles. React in a thoughtful, precise way and take a step back to judge the situation from another perspective. 

Your team is full of people with a variety of valuable skills. The key to building comradery is finding out how you can piece your talents together in order to complete quality, timely work. As you discover more about your teammates’ capabilities, you’ll learn about how you can improve while recognizing where you can supplement with your own gifts.

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