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4 Ways Insurance Producers Can Disrupt the Normal Sales Process

Posted on April 28, 2016 by Libbie Cedeno

Sonders' Selling Tips

Becoming a skilled sales person is a relatively linear process. It’s not complicated, but it takes work. I’ll never forget when I first started working in insurance in an office full of people who had been there 20 years and some even longer. Whenever I came up with a new idea I was firmly told that “this is the way we’ve always done things before!” Change is hard sometimes, but life itself is sustained by change.

Being a successful insurance salesperson may mean you have to think outside of the box and do things a little differently than the way they’ve always been handled before. You have to become a disruptive force at times and stir the pot a bit. Here are four ideas to add to your sales tactics that can help disrupt your own normal sales process.

1.  Social Selling 

Social selling here to stay so you need to establish yourself with a social presence if you want to stay in the game. Search on Facebook for yourself and your insurance products. Establish yourself on other social sites such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. Figure out which channel moves the needle the most for your business and double down. People have a tendency to try and be on every channel at the same time, but the secret to building trust with an audience is consistent, high-quality content. 

Avoid spreading yourself too thin though. 

If your content is good enough, people will share it on other platforms. It’s all about exposure and increasing the number of people who can search for and find your insurance products and services. I never start a day at work without first checking who may have connected with me through social media. These connections are a goldmine of opportunities to be an influencer within the industry and your circle of professional acquaintances.

2.  Sell value, not price. 

Anyone can sell a client a cheap policy, but is this really what they need? What about policy service and claims? Is this company really going to be there when a policyholder needs it most? One of the first things I learned in selling insurance is that “cheapest is not always best.” I have given up a point or two in sales commission before to secure a policy that better fit my client’s needs overall. Customer loyalty is more important than a few more dollars in the pocket. 

3.  Take a vacation! 

You need to tame your stress. You may wonder, “Why should stress have anything at all to do with my selling ability?” Stress is at best a significant health risk to you and at worst, a killer. As reported in Robb Report Health & Wellness Digital Magazine, Dr. Michael Roizen, MD of the Cleveland Clinic says “Unmanaged stress is the leading Cause of Heart Attack.” 

On a personal level, it can tie you up in knots and keep you from functioning at your top performance level. In insurance, you are selling yourself as much as you are a product. People buy insurance from people they like. When you are stressed, your voice becomes strained, your body tenses up and your overall demeanor changes. It may seem like a little thing but believe me, it’s not…Stress makes you less approachable, less confident and less appealing to be around. Not great for a salesperson in insurance or any other industry! Take a vacation once in a while and forget about insurance—completely! I’ve done it before and so should you. You’ll come back refreshed, recharged and ready to hit the road running.

4.  Video Video Video. 

Have you considered putting yourself on YouTube?

You’ve probably thought about it…and then shuttered at the idea of putting yourself on camera for the world to see. But that is exactly why you need to do it! You may think of YouTube as a place you go to watch funny videos and be entertained but it is also one of the fastest growing ways to get yourself in front of more prospective insurance customers. Most people are too self-conscious to put themselves on video even when it’s the most highly engaging form of media. Until virtual reality becomes mainstream with the broader consumer market, video is the richest experience you can offer. Publishing videos establishes you as a knowledgeable influencer in your industry and allow you to make an emotional connection with your audience. If you’re offer up valuable educational material that makes a difference in your audience’s life, they’re going to forgive you for low production value (or any other excuses you can come up with). Facebook is also making a huge push to compete with Youtube and offer video content to its users in their feeds. 

Talk to a diverse group of your customers and find out where they spend their time, what topics they would find useful, and start cranking out video! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. For those who really want to dive deep into video, the best option is hosting your own videos and sharing them on your website. You can always share those videos to social media, but bringing people to your website for valuable information brings them one step closer to contact form and allows you to learn more about them through Google Analytics.

Are you getting excited about video yet? Good! Ready to get started? It’s actually a fairly simply process to upload a video to YouTube and who knows; you could become the next Internet sensation…or at the very least find your next customer!

Libbie Cedeno

Ms. Cedeno is a member of the Small Agency sales team at Vertafore arming independent insurance agents with the most complete and adaptable technology in the market. Libbie has 12 years of experience in a variety of different roles for prominent insurance companies like Allstate, Liberty Mutual, and Travelers. This experience makes her uniquely qualified to provide her customers with expert advice about how they leverage technology to accomplish their business goals.


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