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Better Manage Your Agency’s Most Valuable Asset

Learn how new solutions can help you maximize employee engagement and performance.

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Focus on Your Staff to Increase Profitability

In this era of disruption, agencies like yours are staying competitive by adopting new ways to manage their most important resource: their people. See how new digital tools and strategies are helping agencies of all sizes work smarter.


5 Warning Signs

How up-to-date are your processes and workflows? Find out the five warning signs that indicate your agency’s procedures needs to be revised.


Software = Satisfaction

Does insurance software actually affect employee job satisfaction? You better believe it. Read the results of the new Hanover Research study to find out the features that make the most difference.


How Engaged is Your Staff?

Workers who are more engaged and satisfied at work are less likely to leave. Measure your agency’s employee engagement and retention strategy with this worksheet.

New Ways to Manage Your Agency Workforce

The old ways of managing your agency employees won’t cut it anymore. By using new strategies and emerging technology, agencies of any size can thrive and survive in this turbulent digital era.

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Creating a Flexible Agency Culture

The growth and the awesomeness of my agency isn't just limited to what I come up with.

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5 Ways to Boost Professional Development

While today’s agents have more options than ever for professional development, they have limited time. Learn five steps you can take to build career skills in a time-effective way.

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20 Signs Your Agency Isn't Running Efficiently

Sometimes agencies stick with outdated, inefficient processes when better, more cost-effective solutions exist. Take this short quiz to evaluate the efficiency of your agency's current processes.

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Why Millennial Workers Matter

Statistically speaking, agencies will lose a quarter of their workers in the next two years to retirement. Learn how you can stay ahead of the impending employment crisis by hiring the right employees now.

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Agency Best Practices Webinar

Join Tom Doran and Susan Hughes of Reagan Consulting as they discuss key learnings from the ‘Best Practices Study’ and how you can leverage this information to grow you agency.

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What is Automation and Do You Need It?

See how independent agencies with limited resources can benefit from automation that helps them focus on customers and generating business.

Leaders in Modern Insurance Technology

Learn why thousands of agencies, carriers, MGAs, MGUs, and 22 states rely on our innovative solutions to thrive in this age of digital disruption. Select a solution to the right for more information.


Choosing an AMS?

Our popular guide is filled with real-world insights from agency veterans and industry experts and gives you all the information you need to decide.

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