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February 15, 2017 in Employee Life

Off the Clock: Jim Vandanacker

Jim Vandanacker is Vertafore's lead Inside Sales Representative for Nationwide agencies.He shared his story with the company in 2016 after being 10 years cancer free.See how the diagnosis that changed his life, and how that affects his outlook more than a decade later.

Kai-Huei Yau

February 09, 2017 in Customer Service

Enhancing the Customer Experience with Timely Texts

  Regardless of the day or age we live in, the foundations of excellent customer service remain the same. Being a great listener who is attentive and responsive, being organized, and greeting customers with a smile are a few qualities that are still necessary in any and every CSR. However, with the relevant technology available to us today, we now have more channels through which we can deliver great customer service- text messaging being one of them. If you haven’t considered comm...

Phyllis Gilman

February 07, 2017 in Digital Insurer

Millennial Survey Reveals How the Most Underinsured Generation Spends on Insurance

At more than 75 million people in the US, the millennial generation is now the largest living generation. They are also the most underinsured. To help better understand why the millennial generation remains chronically underinsured, Vertafore went directly to the consumers shaping the future of insurance – surveying nearly 450 US millennials ages 18-35 on their insurance purchasing and personal finance habits. The results? A love-hate dynamic. First and foremost, it is clear that millenn...

Jessica Martin

February 07, 2017 in Employee Life

Gearing Up for Another Great Year

Vertafore’s Sales Teams recently gathered in Litchfield, AZ to strategize, team build and get energized for another strong year from our world-class team. Michele Shepard, SVP of Sales & Marketing and Chief Revenue Officer, is excited about some new announcements that we’ll be unveiling at NetVU17 in Nashville. Because our teams focus on constantly improving the customer experience instead of simply touting our product features, we invited some of those customers to share their t...

Kai-Huei Yau

January 25, 2017 in Carrier

A resolution you’ll want to keep: making more while working less

A resolution you’ll want to keep: making more while working less. Now that 2016 is safely in your rearview mirror, it’s time to look down the road at 2017, and see what, if any, changes you might make on your horizon. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions about your business? Why not? It’s where you’ll be spending a lot of your time in the next 12 months. While every organization is unique, we would guess that one of your resolutions might be along the lines of...

Kyle Heiser

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