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1969 Agency Records Control (ARC), a card tabulating service bureau for independent agents, relocates to Bryan/College Station, TX. Agena's forebear Safecom was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Safeco Insurance Company.

1975 ARC introduces ARCom II, an in-agency minicomputer system with software specifically for independent agents.

1976 ARC acquires Agency Data Systems. The ADS product was renamed the ARCom I and the ARCom II was discontinued.

1977 The ARCom Users' Group is formed.

1981 Commercial Union buys a software package from Siebels Bruce and creates an agency automation company called Agency Management Systems (AMS).

1982 Kaneb sells ARC to California-based Firemen's Fund.

1983 Commercial Union sells shares of AMS to CNA, Zurich American, Great American, New Hampshire and Crum & Forster.

1984 Fireman's Fund joins the Commerical Union consortium, ARC and AMS are merged and the resulting company is named ARC/AMS.

1984 ARC/AMS begins marketing an in-agency microcomputer and introduces an enhanced ARCom product called the Phoenix.

1985 The Batcher is enhanced and renamed the Pioneer.

1986 ARC/AMS adds Alloy cards to implement an improved LAN and renames the Micro the Pathfinder. ARC/AMS also offers a scaled down version of the Pathfinder called the Scout. ARC/AMS decides to get into automated ratings and acquires three regional rating companies: Savage, Austin Micro and Micro Magic. CNA purchases the consortium shares of four other members and becomes the principal owner of ARC/AMS. CNA renames the company AMS. The users group is renamed the AMS Users' Group. AMS acquires a mid-west rating company; NDS and IGS. AMS also forms a CD-ROM R&D company called SilverPlume.

1989 Cisco develops prototype agency automation system called Cisco Agency Management System (CAM). Cisco, under contract with Aetna, expands CAM and names it Gemini II. AMS acquires OIS and PSS. AMS implements some integration and some common look and feel and renames the products Pioneer Plus and Pathfinder Plus.

1990 AMS acquires Star. AMS also forms a download/upload joint venture called Alliance for Productive Technology, APT.

1991 AMS acquires CompareData. Its customers are folded into OIS.

1992 AMS acquires an automated marketing company, AIM and a mainframe indexing company, DSI. Aetna transfers responsibility for Gemini customer base to Cisco and becomes 1/3 owner of Cisco. The Gemini II product is renamed Sagitta and Cisco is renamed Cisgem.

1993 Cisgem moves a scaled down version of Sagitta to a network and names the LAN product Argo. AMS acquires Allenbrook, a company with a Windows-based system for small insurance companies and Agency One, an Idaho company with a small agency product which is sold, installed and trained over the phone.

1995 AMS acquires Cisgem. Cisgem has three products: Sagitta, Gemini and Argo. AMS has the Pathfinder Plus, Pathfinder, Pioneer Plus, Pioneer and Agency One. AMS forms an R&D effort focused on the Internet and acquires a payroll deduction company, IDS.

1996 AMS splits off the Internet R&D effort as a separate company, Insurance Information Exchange (iiX). SilverPlume (renamed Insurance reference Systems) and Network Services are moved to the new company to provide a revenue base. All other entities remain in AMS which is renamed AMS Services. AMS acquires Agena Corporation* (Pacific Northwest Company) and its Window-based system, which is renamed AMS for Windows (AfW). *Agena is originally Safecom which was owned by Safeco. The AGENA older product, called Premier, is also acquired.

1997 AMS moves forward with three strategic products: Sagitta, AfW, and Prime (the renamed Agency One).

1998 CNA sells majority of its interest in AMS to Trident, a venture capital fund within the Marsh Capital group.

2000 Euan Menzies is hired as president and chief operating officer of AMS Holding Group in September.

2001 Euan Menzies becomes chief executive officer in May.

2003 AMS introduces TransactNOW, a tool to enable productive interface with carriers and AMS 360, a next generation .NET management system, as an upgrade for AfW users. Sagitta begins using IBM UniVerse. In September, AMS Holding Group announces acquisition of an employee benefits software vendor and acquires Rackley Systems to expand its rating business.

2004 AMS-Rackley introduces SETWrite. AMS Holding Group becomes Vertafore, Inc. Hellman & Friedman acquire Vertafore from Trident.

2005 AMS-Rackley and Allenbrook are merged to form Rackley Solutions. AMS Services acquires InStar Corporation and AIM. Vertafore moves company headquarters to Bothell, WA.

2006 AMS Services launches AMS Performance Analyzer, AMS SETWrite 3.0, AMS Sagitta 7.0 and AMS 360 v2.0. AMS Services acquires BCF Technology, Inc. and PRIORITY Data Systems and announces a strategic partnership with ChoicePoint. Holding company, Vertafore acquires BenefitPoint and forms the Specialty Markets Division. AMS Services also announces integration with NETQuote. AMS Services is chosen as the vendor of choice by DCAP and Smart Choice.

2007 AMS Services launches new versions of AMS Prevail Network, AMS SETWrite, AMS Producer Plus, AMS Sagitta with cross-application integration and business intelligence and AMS 360. AMS Services won five awards and achieves record carrier transaction volume. Customers Barnard Donegan, ABD and Talon all attribute company success to AMS Services solutions. Holding company, Vertafore acquires ImageRight and ImageRight, in turn, acquires CBD. Vertafore also names Susanna Morgan and Darryl Lemecha to top executive positions.

2008 AMS Services introduces latest version of AMS InStar. AMS Services wins five ACORD Awards for outstanding achievement and real-time connectivity. Holding company, Vertafore acquires Sircon. AMS 360 v2.5 is released with Web Services and roll book of business tool. AMS Prime Online is announced.

2009 Vertafore reorganizes company from product-focused business units to market-focused segments, including Agency Markets, Carrier & MGA Markets and Sircon, A Vertafore Business. Vertafore introduces new brand promise and logo identity.

2010 TPG Capital, the global buyout group of TPG, a leading private investment firm, acquires Vertafore from Hellman & Friedman and co-investor JMI Equity.

2011 Vertafore adds to its portfolio of market-leading solutions by acquiring StoneRiver FSC and Kaplan Compliance Solutions. StoneRiver FSC brings high-quality solutions for the agency market, including personal lines rating solutions, insurance sales management, carrier website quoting, business-to-consumer rating and agency management systems. Vertafore merged Kaplan Compliance Solutions with the company’s Sircon business unit to form Vertafore Producer Lifecycle Management - delivering the industry’s most comprehensive licensing and compliance offering.

2015 Jeff Hawn named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.  Jeff’s technology and business expertise uniquely position him to accelerate growth and capitalize on future opportunities across all aspects of the business.  Vertafore acquires QQ Solutions creating the largest and most complete portfolio of Agency Management and Rating for the independent insurance channel.