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Tree235X160BenefitPoint Designed specifically for benefits brokerages, consultants, agencies and general agents, BenefitPoint® is a secure, web-based benefits management system that helps your business simplify processes, increase productivity and boost profitability. For enhanced customer service, you can create personalized web portals that make it easy for employers and their employees to access their plan data 24/7.

With BenefitPoint on your side you can be confident that even in the environment of ever-changing government regulation and health-care reform your information is accurate and you are in compliance. BenefitPoint is consistently updated to keep your business protected no matter what may change in the future.
BenefitPoint features:

  • Streamlines management of clients, policies, rates and plans.
  • Records all activities for easy tracking and reference.
  • Includes operational reporting tools to help monitor business activity.
  • Fully-integrated system with enterprise-grade support for multi-office brokerages.
  • Option to reduce functionality for a simpler experience for smaller agencies.
  • Includes an agency management layer for general agencies.
  • Provides deep benchmarking tools to deliver more valuable business intelligence.
  • Easily and efficiently tracks revenue and commissions.
  • Features a comprehensive range of reporting tools and options.

 Latest Updates:

  • New home page for your broker/consultant users that combines user interface components with targeted lists to provide insight and quicker access into customer data.
  • Overview ribbons to give snippets of information important to the effective management of your accounts, plans, products, and requests.
  • Customizable grid that allows you to sort, select, reposition and resize columns as well as filter searches by words, lists, and date ranges.

Includes automatic membership in the Network of Vertafore Users (NetVU) group, a valuable resource for training, networking and sharing with other agencies.

With BenefitPoint, we sold $300,000 of new business in our first three months”

Mike Gray


Lehr Insurance Agency, member of the United Insurance Group, Pittsfield, Maine

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