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With the constantly changing financial environment facing carriers today, you need technology that helps you stay nimble, by both increasing your premium writings and reducing expense ratios. You also need to stay compliant and current with today’s regulations and those on the horizon.

Do you struggle with...What if...

The time it takes for a piece of business to reach the correct underwriter after it enters the building?

Submissions could be categorized and automatically routed online to the right processing teams based on the type of business?

Fines due to errors in determining the correct effective dates?

Your underwriters and claims specialists could quickly access the correct version of a rule, form or rate from a single electronic library on their computers?

The costs involved in on-boarding new agencies or agents due to the need to enter the same data multiple times in different forms and/or systems?

Your licensing and contract specialists could enter information once, and the data would automatically be accessible to your compensation, document management, producer management and other internal systems?

The inefficiency of underwriters using different submission processes when processing new business?

Your underwriters could be automatically prompted to follow standard processes and view all of their submissions in an ordered list to prioritize and take action on them as quickly as possible?

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