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Insurance agencies of every size continually grapple with how to provide better customer service without sacrificing business growth and cost-containment goals. If you have a large number of staff, compliance and productivity issues are especially challenging. For all agencies, the pressing need is for improved efficiency and automation that helps you meet your business objectives and protect your agency from E&O exposure.

Do you struggle with...What if...

How to grow your commercial lines of business?

Your producers could easily write any line of business, even one they are unfamiliar with, by using a step-by-step process that identifies coverage gaps and helps them quickly access commercial lines reference materials?

How to ensure your producers are licensed correctly for all the states in which they do business—and for all the carriers with whom they write business?

Your compliance officer could put away the Excel spreadsheets and rely on an automated process for managing and renewing licenses, including the ability to enter producer data once and have it electronically transmitted to multiple state systems?

How long it takes to produce end-of-day/end-of-month reports across multiple databases?

Your IT and accounting departments could eliminate end-of-day/end-of-month reporting altogether and instead generate individual and consolidated reports in real time for all business units—from a single database?

Time-consuming, error-prone submissions processes?

Your CSRs were prompted on-screen to enter information accurately and consistently every time, in a standardized process with 40 percent fewer steps?

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