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We know how important it is to have the right tech stack for your agency. At Vertafore we believe the agency management system is at the core of that tech stack. On your journey to elevate your agency's tech stack, this decision matrix will serve as your guiding star.  


Which agency management system is right for you?

QQCatalyst screen with logo
Your out-of-the-box, light AMS

Great for agencies who:

  • Need to get off the ground quickly
  • Are mainly personal-lines focused
  • Want light sales & marketing automation built-in
  • 100% direct bill
  • Don't pay producers commission
AMS360 screen with logo
The foundational agency management system

Great for agencies who:

  • Have more mature operational needs
  • Offer any line of business, including benefits
  • Need accounting built-in
  • Want role-based permissions
Sagitta screen with logo
Customize your AMS from top
to bottom

Great for agencies who:

  • Need custom policy management for specialty lines
  • Are extremely niche-focused and vertical-driven
  • Want the flexibility to customize fields, alerts, reminders, links, buttons, navigation, etc.
  • Have multi-location operational needs, like inter-divisional accounting
  • Grow through acquisition

Identify your ideal AMS solution

We’re here to simplify the decision-making process, empower you with knowledge, and ensure that your agency's tech stack is not just a collection of tools but a strategic advantage. Take the quiz below to see our expert opinion and narrow your search.