Insurance Agent App

Deploying IA App as your on-demand, personalized, 24/7 self-service mobile platform saves time, saves money, and solves multiple business problems.

Our partnership

Insurance Agent App for policyholders: The best mobile app for QQCatalyst users if you want to reduce costs, retain clients, and strengthen engagement. Integrated with QQCatalyst since 2014.


What Insurance Agent App does

The Insurance Agent App integration with Vertafore’s QQCatalyst allows every agency to optimize servicing and engagement with PL & CL clients and transforms the customer experience.

  • Empower clients and drive down costs: Policy data, Auto ID cards, Bill Pay, Reminders, Cert & Change Requests, Vehicle, Property & Workplace Accident Reports, Property Inventory
  • Simple, quick service solutions - let clients communicate how & when they want, using the processes you want. Send Push notifications to all clients or just sub-groups. Easy bill pay access.
  • 1-click integration and seamless automation with QQ Catalyst means clients see policy updates in the App in 24hours.
  • Authenticate integration today and rollout to customers tomorrow!
  • Reduce service workload instantly and increase time for high value interactions

Schedule a demo today and receive 10% off the sign-up fee! See how quickly and affordably you can put mobile convenience in the hands of your customers, increase retention, and drive growth in your agency.  No contracts, 30-day money back guarantee.

Insurance Agent App Paradiso mockup

See how Insurance Agent App helps agencies deploy the app to policyholders.

“Before we had the agency app we were going around in circles with customers and making sure that they had all the policy documents they needed. Now, we sit back and make the changes in QQCatalyst and the customer can review on their phone. This app is a virtual agent on our payroll at a fraction of the cost. I thank you for adding this value to our agency and constantly improving the app in ways that we did not think were possible.”

Renato Miljatovic, CEO

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