Pathway Port

Pathway Port delivers cutting-edge Enterprise-Grade insurance automation tools that integrate seamlessly with Sagitta and AMS360.

Vertafore-friendly platform

Pathway Port provides Enterprise-Grade insurance automation tools that integrate seamlessly with Sagitta and AMS360, enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience. Its features include Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots for streamlining tasks, Connection Bot for improving client retention, and Form Builder for collecting data from customers. With daily data syncs, customized email templates, and dedicated support, Pathway Port empowers agencies to leverage their data more effectively, access all emails and surveys right from your AMS activities/abeyances and automate routine operations.

Sagitta integration   AMS360 integration

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Pathway Port RPA for insurance eliminates errors, free up your resources and minimize hiring needs


Empower Your Team with RPA Bots. Meet your digital colleagues! From efficient policy reviews to streamlined claims processing, our RPA Bots elevate your brokerage with unparalleled automation. Explore the future of insurance operations.


Connection Bot

Boost Retention Effortlessly with Connection Bot. Revolutionize client relationships. Streamline renewals, billing, and engagement. Boost retention effortlessly with Connection Bot’s cutting-edge automation and guaranteed results. Enterprise-Grade features around brand and permission control available.

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Form Builder

Simplify Data Collection with Form Builder. Revolutionize form processing. Boost efficiency, reduce turnaround time, and integrate seamlessly with Form Builder. Elevate your data collection strategy effortlessly.

DataPort API

Enhance Workflows with DataPort API. Connect effortlessly. Optimize workflows, automate data processes, and achieve unparalleled efficiency with DataPort API. Use our Zapier integration to connect to almost anything!

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Additional features and benefits

  • Customized email designs and templates
  • Daily data sync and 2-way integration with AMS/BMS
  • Flexible, non-binding monthly contracts
  • Online learning academy with tutorials
  • Coverage-based recommendations for individual clients
  • Library with hundreds of newsletters and articles for your clients
  • Tailored packages built around your agency's current business goals
  • Dedicated CSM who is available via email, slack, and video chat

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