QuiKer is a virtual gateway into AMS360 that streamlines and expedites the management of daily client communications, email documentation, calendaring, and more.

Developed in 2017 using Vertafore’s API, QuiKer was recently selected to be a member of Vertafore’s Orange Partner Program as a best-in-class business solutions ecosystem offering to ensure that agencies have all the tools they need to guarantee the customer experience is everything expected, and everything desired.

Designed by Agents, for Agents, QuiKer provides amazing time-savings and workflow solutions that maximize productivity and minimize human error. With QuiKer, data flows to and from AMS360 directly from our intuitive interface, which is accessed with a single point and click, within each User’s Outlook Ribbon. Agents that have included QuiKer in their daily processes report that Users are saving up to 2 hours of time a day -- time that can now be reallocated for more productive purposes Agencies who use QuiKer report as much as a 20% improvement in their bottom lines

Learn how QuiKer’s virtual gateway to AMS360 revolutionizes Agency workflow.

Check out QuiKer's key features, and see how Users can create an email Activity, create and manage Suspense, use the QuiKer Contact Book and more.

QuiKer is so much more than a virtual gateway that installs within the Outlook Ribbon. QuiKer's Development Team and Testing Agencies continually create, test, and implement features that support a majority of Users' daily transactional work. 


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Creating Activities and Suspense through email is absolutely seamless. We had been waiting for this type of solution to come for a long time, and we’re so thankful it has!"

– Dana Coates, UWIB

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Everyone in my office absolutely loves the product. It has helped us a tremendous amount in not only saving us time, but also making it so much easier to note all Activities. I can honestly say that QuiKer will help protect us from an E&O claim one day because of the ease, simplicity, and timeliness.

- Owen Bagley, Bagley & Bagley

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This is the most AMAZING software that we have ever incorporated into our agency. It is so seamless and efficient; my staff can't stop thanking us enough for installing it. If you have Outlook and AMS360 this is a MUST! We are a 9-user agency and I think this will cut about 5 hours per week out of each person's workload. I cannot imagine my workday without this!

​​​​​​​- Danielle Marquis, Higgins & Bolduc

“Our team has enjoyed the process of working with Vertafore on bringing QuiKer's Virtual Gateway to the AMS360 experience and are looking forward to additional integrations that will serve to improve the overall User experience.”

- Anita Byer, President of QuiKer, a software product of The Human Equation