Bridge™ consolidates numerous comparable services to allow agencies to increase productivity and realize significant financial savings month after month.

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Bridge is a revolutionary SaaS offering that provides insurance agencies an unmatched array of essential CRM functionality and communications options, all easily integrated with leading management systems.

“Bridge has allowed me different avenues to grow my agency without having to spend so much money up front. Bridge is very affordable to get into and allows my agency to grow.”


Buchanan Insurance Services

About Bridge

It’s no secret: Bridge is well known for providing insurance agencies an extreme value proposition. Bridge has long delivered a full suite of connected services including an advanced phone system, video calling, E-Signature, live website chat, texting, faxing, automated drip messaging, auto dialer, inner-office chat ... just to name a select few. The combination of services remains unrivaled. And yet, The Redcliffe Group is kicking things up a notch or three.

Bridge features robust CRM functions that are fully integrated with most management systems. More than ever, agencies can conduct a large part of their operations in a single platform. The time savings alone would make the use of Bridge a gimme. And for a fraction of what even a few of Bridge’s features would cost with other providers, all agency users have access to the full suite of Bridge. But, why stop there? 

You’ve got a million things to do. Every day. We get it. Changes occur constantly that require a response from you. Prospect inquiries. Marital status changes. Updated addresses. New policies. Expiring policies. The list seems endless. Want to be successful? Don’t let any of them slip through the cracks. Want to keep your sanity? Use Bridge to automate your way through them all. This is the tech your office is missing. This is the tech that allows your agency to compete with the behemoths yet still deliver the personal service that sets you apart. This is the tech that can truly revolutionize your agency. Seeing is believing.

Bridge now gives your agency:

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More testimonials

“Other systems come through the door every week trying to get me to switch and I say, ‘Don’t even bother!’”

– Kae, Baty Worldwide

“Our agency uses Bridge, and I have to say, ‘Wow.’ Talk about one-step-ahead technology. Folks, you need to try this system. It’s doing business the way of the future.”

– Ray, RLI Agency

“Thank you for all you and your team’s hard work these past few weeks. As always, your team was there to help our agency go remote, calm our nerves and answer our million questions. If it was not for Bridge, we would not be healthy and happily in business. Bridge was there for our agency when we needed it most.”

– Cristina, Cobos Insurance Center

“The integration alone is worth its weight in gold.”

– Oliver, Conner Insurance Agency