Connected Carriers Drive Greater Confidence With their Agencies

Agencies increasingly have a choice with which carriers they do business with—and that choice is not only on who writes the best policies, but increasingly who it’s easiest to do business with. Who it’s fastest, safest, and most efficient as well. Connected carriers know what their agency customers need and are investing in the technology to ensure a solid business relationship.

Carriers Connecting to Agencies

It's a fact that if you utilize independent agents or brokers for distribution, those distributors have a choice on where to place business. Research is pointing to insurers being "easy to do business with" as the single most important criteria independent agents value to make that decision. Leading carriers must look at all the ways agents interact with their business holistically.

  • Sales Enablement – How easy do you make it for agents to sell for you? Do they have the tools they need to sell your products effectively?
  • Streamlining Operational Efficiencies – How quickly and effectively do you respond to inquiries from agents and policyholders?
  • Sales Channel Productivity – Increasing the available capacity of your sales channel to sell more by streamlining their business processes. > How much time do your agents spend on non-revenue generating activities?

Industry Leadership
Vertafore’s leadership is built on strong partnership with strategic insurance carriers and organizations.  Together, we address and solve industry challenges bringing you closer to your agencies.

  • ID Federation:   Vertafore delivers on a major industry initiative with Sign-on Once bringing consistency around securely managing multiple carrier portal passwords, making it easier for agencies to do more business with you.
  • Our Big Data and Analytics empower carriers with market insight to make smart decisions.

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