Book Roll 

Focus on the data, not the data entry

Invite. Send. Analyze.

Carriers can digitally request an agency’s book of business, without disrupting agency operations. Whether you’re focused on growing personal or commercial lines, Book Roll™ simplifies the process of evaluating new business and ensures that you’re easy to do business with.

In a few easy steps, access an agency's book of business.

  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Secure your data
  • Improve your agency experience
  • Streamline the exchange of data

Why Book Roll?

Grow your business

Find growth opportunities: exploring new lines of businesses, appointing new agencies, or expanding into new states, and filling market voids.

Work with solid data 

Access secure and accurate policy data that comes directly from your agency partners' AMS. 

Focus on insights 

Rate and report within the software, determine best rates or growth opportunities, and visualize your data.  

Analyze and understand 

Run reports that deliver business-critical insights and analysis. 

Compare rates 

Integrate with our Rating API to compare rates and coverages with in-force policies. 

More risk analysis less manual processes

Are you focused on offering new lines of business, expanding current markets, appointing a new agency, or expanding into a new state? Book Roll can make it happen.


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Sharing data

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