Make complicated business less complicated

Be easy to work with and a carrier of choice

  • Improved relationships 
  • Streamlined workflows 
  • Reduced risk 
  • Happy agency partners 
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Why TransactNOW?

Real-time transactions 

TransactNOW® provides a full range of transaction possibilities to your agency partners. 

Streamlined agency workflows 

Work cooperatively with agencies with a simple, standardized, and streamlined workflow. 

Simplified password management 

Eliminate IT help desk calls by providing a secure connection to your website within an agency's management system. 

Reduced risk 

Avoid keystroke errors, duplicate data entry, and other repetitive tasks by transmitting information accurately and securely.  

Improved communications

Allow agencies to spend more time serving their clients and less time searching for information on your website.

Connectivity made easy from agencies to carriers

"TransactNOW is so simple. It does all the work for you."
- Cathy Hall, VP, Forest Agency

Become the go-to carrier

TransactNOW works seamlessly and effectively with your agency partners.

Agency interactions

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Data management

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TransactNOW integrations

With AMS360

See how you can take advantage of TransactNOW, included in your AMS360 subscription. 

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With Sagitta

See how TransactNOW works within Sagitta to make your business operations more efficient.

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With AIM

See how TransactNOW works within AIM to help you become a top market choice for agencies. 

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"We wanted to meet the demands of our agents and the marketplace by providing products that increase productivity and efficiency."

Stacy L Shaw, VP Information Systems

MMG Insurance Company

More ways to learn how TransactNOW can simplify your processes

TransactNOW for Carriers Data Sheet
TransactNOW for MGAs Data Sheet
TransactNOW Carrier Partner List

TransactNOW's carrier partners 

Harleysville Insurance transforms commercial underwriting with ImageRight

Success Story: Vertafore ImageRight facilitates realignment of commercial underwriting at Harleysville Insurance.

TransactNOW for Agencies Data Sheet

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