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Vertafore works in partnership with some of the most experienced technology companies in the business world. These powerful business alliances enable us to deliver comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions that maximize overall value, streamline processes and productivity, and help your business stay ahead of the competition.


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Vertafore strives to bring best of class technology to our customers through our development efforts and by partnering with other industry leading companies.

Partner Name Partner Description
Aon National Flood Services

Through a strategic partnership with Aon National Flood Services (NFS), PL Rating now provides a premium indication and personalized flood proposal on all homeowner quotes. Agents can easily complete a flood policy with their carriers represented by NFS without rekeying information since the data to produce a flood quote was already captured in the homeowner workflow of PL Rating.


Vertafore’s integration partnership with Birst will enable agencies to interact with current customer data, apply analytics, and identify cross-selling and retention opportunities. Carrier customers are empowered to derive insights on consumer demand for insurance policies and evaluate strategies for optimizing agent-to-customer relationships.


AMS360 and the Vertafore Agency Platform are the only agency systems that offer a built-in integration to DocuSign, the global standard for secure digital transaction management. Documents are sent for signature quickly, easily and securely.


Vertafore’s partnership with ePayPolicy provides simple and secure credit card and Automatic Clearing House (ACH) payment processing to FinancePro customers, which includes Managing General Agents (MGAs), premium financial institutions, and large independent insurance agencies. This integration enables FinancePro users to process invoices faster and more efficiently than ever, while giving consumers the flexibility and ease of online payments they demand in the 21st century.


Vertafore integrates its TransactNOW solution with Guidewire InsuranceSuite and portal modules. TransactNOW connects agencies with insurance carrier systems in real time from Vertafore’s agency management system and improves connectivity between carriers, brokers, and agents. InsuranceSuite includes modules for claims management, underwriting and policy administration, and billing, complemented by mobile and portal access.


Vertafore’s partnership with Microsoft includes software and hardware offerings for insurance agents. The partnership is designed to improve customer-facing interactions and arm agents with valuable data that can be seamlessly accessed from anywhere, anytime – allowing them to manage and close business faster than ever before. The capabilities, which will be integrated into the Vertafore Agency Platform and mobile offerings, will extend to Dynamics CRM pipeline management, prospect & opportunity tracking, email campaign and other CRM capabilities. 


Mitek’s partnership with Vertafore will give agents the ability to on-board and service customers quickly and efficiently, using a mobile device camera. Especially useful for auto insurance claims and processes, Mitek’s patented mobile imaging technology will automatically capture images of vehicle and identity documents, extract relevant data, and auto-fill information into the Vertafore product. This will greatly reduce data re-entry and increase the accuracy of information as it moves from agent to carrier.

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Vertafore combines it’s more than 45 years in business with the expertise of other leading insurance influencer to drive the industry forward.

Partner Name Partner Description

The insurance industry nonprofit association dedicated to improving the way insurance companies do business through the use of technology.


ACT's mission is to bring the stakeholders in the independent insurance agency distribution system together to advance the use of the most effective business processes, practices and technologies, in order to enhance productivity, service, marketing, sales and security.


The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers is the premier association for the top regional, national and international commercial insurance and employee benefits intermediaries worldwide


The Insurance Accounting & Systems Association, Incorporated (IASA) is a non-profit, education association that strives to enhance the knowledge of insurance professionals, and participants from similar organizations closely allied with the insurance industry by facilitating the exchange of ideas and information.


Insurance Digital Revolution is an industry initiative organized by ACT, AUGIE, and PIA to drive technology adoption to better serve the insurance customer. Its goal is to build awareness of digital capabilities, educate about solutions and provide a platform for sharing success stories.


The Big “I” is the nation’s oldest and largest national association of independent insurance agents and brokers, representing a network of more than 300,000 agents, brokers and their employees nationally


The National Association of Professional Agents (NAPA) has provided professional services to insurance professionals since 1989. With more than 100,000 members, NAPA provides various benefits including, but not limited to, errors and omissions insurance, education opportunities, and discounts for their insurance agent members.


The Securities & Insurance Licensing Association (SILA) was established with the purpose of brining together licensing experts whose occupations encompass all aspects of insurance licensing and securities registration, including, but not limited to, the licensing and registration of agents, agencies, adjusters, brokers, companies, producers, securities dealers, and third party administrators; and such auxiliary occupations as administration, regulation, testing, education, publishing and reporting as related to the financial services industry.

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Vertafore’s Premier Partners and their member agenices gain instant access to our technology solutions as well as a team of highly trained professionals that are focused on both the needs of the organization and their members. Access to our leading industry partnerships, such as DocuSign, Amazon and Microsoft, and exclusive thought leadership content on industry-relevant topics are just some of the ways our Premiere Partners and their members can benefit from the program.

Partner Name Partner Description
Agency Network Exchange

Agency Network Exchange, ANE, established in 2009 by two multi-generational agents, helps their members grow more than they ever could on their own.    ANE’s flexible and innovative model responds to the needs of agencies of all sizes. The group pools premium to increase contingent revenue, provide direct access to markets so agents can close more sales, provide active support to help agents be better business owners.  Members own, control and operate their own agencies.

Combined Agents of America

CAA is a Texas based insurance aggregator with over 50 member agents throughout Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. Their mission is to strengthen their independent agency system through profitable growth with quality, stable insurance companies and to provide unsurpassed service and a wider variety of products for our clients.


Keystone Insurers Group is the industry’s leading independent agency franchisor consisting of well-established, highly respected agencies that have gained the trust of their local communities. Keystone’s mission is to increase agency values by maximizes sales volume, by helping independent insurance agencies enhance their business reputations in their communities and with insurance carriers , and by providing value added services that they would be unable to duplicate as standalone independent insurance agencies.

Renaissance Alliance

Renaissance Alliance is a network of 100+ New England independent insurance agencies, insurers and service providers that leverage their collective strengths to create advantages well beyond their individual reach. Their mission is to drive unprecedented growth, increased operational efficiencies and higher commission and profit sharing revenues for members, while enhancing their complete independence.

United Valley

United Valley Insurance Services is one of the longest operating insurance clusters in the country made up of independent insurance agencies located throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. They help their members become the best independent insurance sales organization they can be by providing access to stable markets, providing technology, enabling greater premium volumes improving members’ financial performance.