Canopy Connect

Canopy Connect is the fastest way to collect insurance information from prospects.


Our partnership

Vertafore and Canopy Connect have been working together to build tightly integrated workflows to collect verified insurance information and seamlessly send them to the systems you use the most—your rater and CRM.

Vertafore and Canopy Connect for Orange Partner Program

How Canopy Connect works

  • Send link

    Canopy Connect send link icon

    Text or email your custom Canopy Connect link to your prospect. You can also embed a widget directly into your website.

  • Client signs in

    Canopy connect client signs in

    Your prospect or client selects their carrier and authenticates. They are done importing their insurance in less than 10 seconds.

  • View policy

    View policy information Canopy Connect mockup

    You can view the imported structured data as well as recent documents including declaration pages from all policies in the account in the agent dashboard.

  • Send to PL Rating
    or AgencyZoom

    PL Rating mockup

    Share the data with the systems you use most.

PL Rating and Canopy Connect Integration

Streamline the quoting process by sending collected insurance data directly into Vertafore's PL Rating to eliminate data entry, improve accuracy, and speed up quote turnaround times.

Canopy Connect’s integration with PL Rating eliminates data entry. By pre-filling verified insurance data and vehicle and property details into PL Rating, you'll streamline your quoting process to improve accuracy, speed, and the competitiveness of your quote.

Insurance agents can use Canopy Connect to send custom links that enable their prospects to sign into their insurance carriers and securely share their policy details with their agents. With this integration, all policy information, driver, vehicle, and dwelling information can be instantly imported into PL Rating to start a new quote.

Combining the information we get from Canopy Connect using templates in PL Rating, I have them through PL Rating with estimated rates from all of our carriers in one to two minutes. Start to finish.

Gavin Campbell

Rice Insurance

Integration coming soon

AgencyZoom and Canopy Connect Integration

Share collected prospect insurance data from Canopy Connect into AgencyZoom. You'll have all the information you need to generate a competitive quote without additional data entry. Create highly personalized campaigns and automations based on verified insurance data.