"Revolutionize Your Business with TurnKey Resources: The Expert Back Office Solution" Founded by insurance industry veterans in 2011, TurnKey Resources has fine-tuned a proven infrastructure that streamlines administrative needs and frees up your employees to focus on what matters most – growing your business. 

Network Partnership

For over a decade, Vertafore’s MGA Systems and Turnkey Resources have formed a strong partnership. Our experienced staff possess extensive knowledge of IMS system, allowing us to develop customized game plans that streamlines your most challenging tasks and adds value to your business. Our implementation specialists work closely with both MGA Systems and our clients to ensure seamless integration with your team. We provide high-standard training to our staff to fully integrate as your in-house team, offering general administrative support or specific skillsets for niche and specialty programs.

Vertafore Turnkey combined

Customized Solutions

TurnKey Resources works with their clients to develop a customized game plan. By putting the client first, they listen to their needs and design a custom-fit plan that can manage the intricacies of their unique business and practices.

Long-Term Support

Once a partner, always a partner. TurnKey Resources provides a full set of training materials based on their client's operations, building a foundation for long-term support. They offer flexible contracts and trial periods to maintain competitive pricing while prioritizing their clients' satisfaction.

Precision and Efficiency

The team at TurnKey Resources has a reputation for precision, boasting an above 99.97% accuracy rate for over half a million transactions. They prioritize efficiency by turning tasks around overnight, ensuring that policies are issued within 30 days of binding.

Around-The-Clock Support

TurnKey Resources goes above and beyond by training their staff to meet their clients' needs and providing around-the-clock back-office support with risk-diverse global locations in the US, China, Ecuador, and Indonesia.TurnKey Resources is a game-changer in the outsourcing industry, providing a client-first, precise, efficient, and flexible processing service.

What our clients say

“After a full year of working/training and all of your dedication on our policy issuance, our numbers have skyrocketed. Policy Issuance is not all that you each are responsible for on a daily basis, so to see the increase in our productivity is really just so impressive”

“I quoted this about 30 minutes after you set it up and 90 minutes later a very happy broker and client give us the bind order effective today. We saved everyone’s bacon. Now everyone is happy, and we have a broker that is very grateful and will be sending us more business. A win-win for all. Thank you again for your responsive processing.”

“You and your team are so good I can’t put it in words. I’ve never seen anything like this in the industry!”

“The attention to detail and effort is simply a breath of fresh air. You guys always ask the right questions and find even the smallest issue that can cause problems in the future. It is such a pleasure to work with you and the team year after year. Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work. It NEVER goes unrecognized.”