Mutual Capital Analytics

Mutual Capital Analytics works with leaders of Mutual Insurance Companies to create products and services that help them compete more effectively in a highly regulated, increasingly competitive environment. We build, implement, and optimize analytics-based solutions to drive improvements so our customers can thrive in their markets. At MCA, innovative thinking turns challenges into opportunities.

Our Partnership

As a Vertafore Orange Partner, MCA now has access to one of the largest comparative rate plan data sets in the industry. By combining MCA’s industry expertise with Vertafore’s transactional data, MCA is positioned to help mutual insurance companies compete in independent agency-placed personal lines. As a result, MCA clients get unprecedented access to data, turned around quickly, which means MCA can provide smart solutions even faster. Thanks to the MCA / Vertafore partnership, mutual insurance clients quickly gain the actionable insight they need to improve performance.


MCA Comparative Rater Analytics

Comparative Rater algorithms can make or break the profitability of the products you launch. MCA can move quickly with the data Vertafore provides to turn that data into client insights. Accelerated access to data means MCA can provide Comparative Rater analytics even faster, enabling companies to learn how their personal insurance lines are performing in the market. 

Based on marketplace data from Vertafore, paired with proprietary client data, MCA delivers the insights mutual insurance require to:

  • Learn how new and existing products are performing in the market
  • Gauge agent performance
  • Change underwriting rules to attract different book-of-business profiles
  • Adjust pricing plans to become more competitive on preferred risks
  • Make those pricing plans less desirable for less suitable risks
“The Vertafore Partner Program brings together best-in-class solutions that complement the Vertafore suite of products. MCA provides a unique set of data analytics and solutions that leverage the hundreds of millions of carrier transactions that are generated by over 13,000 agencies leveraging the Vertafore PL Rating solution. Thanks to this partnership, MCA clients get the insights and information they need to become more competitive in the markets they serve.”

Doug Mohr

Vertafore Vice President, Industry Relations & Partnerships