Accelerated Automation

A pioneering organization specializing in optimizing the use of AgencyZoom for insurance agencies.

About Accelerated Automation

Launching into the industry with AgencyZoom in 2019, Accelerated Automation has since grown and become a pioneering organization specialized in optimizing the use of AgencyZoom for insurance agencies. With a team of 8 highly-skilled professionals, each bringing vast experience and extensive understanding of insurance agency operations and AgencyZoom capabilities, the team at Accelerated Automation is dedicated to crafting efficient pipelines and workflows.

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Service offerings

Automation services

  • Customized solutions: Automation services tailored to your specific needs, catering to up to 24 diverse leads commonly used by insurance agents.
  • Dynamic sales pipelines: Eight meticulously built sales pipelines, each comprising over 500 crafted emails and texts, designed to maximize open and response rates.
  • Amplify success and productivity: Benefit from proven communication assets, which deliver exceptional results and improve levels of efficiency.


Service center setup

  • Robust ticketing system: Streamlined customer request work with our advanced ticketing system
  • Detailed reports: Stay informed about your customer service team's activities with comprehensive daily reports
  • Service ticket completion times: Gain visibility into service ticket completion times, enabling you to track and optimize your team's productivity.
  • Client satisfaction insights: Measure client satisfaction levels with our integrated system, allowing you to gauge customer feedback and make informed improvements.

Support and integration services

  • Private Facebook community: Connect with like-minded individuals, ask questions, access our extensive video training library, and participate in weekly live group support calls.
  • Seamless software integrations: We offer limited support for integrating popular software systems such as AMS360, QQ Catalyst, Ring Central, NerdPhone, Outlook Email, Zapier, and more. Our ongoing training and support services ensure a smooth integration process for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Meet Accelerated Automation's Founder, Mariah Gates

Bringing a remarkable track record of over 16 years in sales and finance, including 9 years as an agency owner, Mariah Gates, the CEO and founder of Accelerated Automation, possesses a profound understanding of the essential elements required for achieving success in the industry. Throughout her career, Mariah has closely collaborated with AgencyZoom, offering valuable system feedback, beta testing, and feature implementation. It is through this partnership that Mariah discovered how AgencyZoom has brought tremendous success and efficiency to her agency.

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AgencyZoom is a great tool for my agency but it seemed too complex and overwhelming for my non-technical brain. Hiring Mariah to help set up my account and teach me how to use it was the best decision I could’ve made. Not only does she do a great job setting it up but continues to come up with new content and ideas to keep the automation fresh. Plus she holds weekly support calls that are awesome. I highly recommend her and her services to anyone needing AgencyZoom assistance.

Jason Storoschuck

Independent Agent/Owner, S&K