Chief Customer Chat: Q&A vlog with our newest leadership team members

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By: Cassidy Smirnow

I had the opportunity to sit down with two recent additions to Vertafore's leadership team: Kelly Byrom, vice president of platform and experience design, and Jace Hopper, vice president of product management. We had a thoughtful conversation about the role "user experience" plays in InsurTech and ensuring our insurance customers have an efficient, user-friendly experience while navigating their software tools. As big believers in simplification, Jace and Kelly are deeply committed to designing and building insurance software solutions that are easy, intuitive, and most important of all - solves our customer's problems.

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Cassidy Smirnow is Vertafore’s resident customer expert with a passion for building customer-first cultures that transform businesses. With a proven track record of improving customer retention and enabling teams to provide best-in-class customer experiences, Cassidy is the embodiment of the Vertafore Way principle, “Customer Success is Our Success."