Surplus Lines Filings. Simplified

Connect™ by InsCipher is an intuitive management software combining technology and compliance to ensure your surplus lines filings are completed faster, on-time, and with more accuracy.

Our partnership

Traditional methods of surplus lines tax filing are inefficient and prone to error. Connect™, powered by InsCipher, was specifically created for companies with large volumes of surplus lines policies spread across multiple states. InsCipher's Connect™ system features a full suite of automation tools to help companies file faster, on time, and accurately. Backed by a team of compliance experts and software developers, InsCipher saves agencies thousands of dollars annually by minimizing overhead expenses, reducing penalties and fees, and avoiding state compliance issues. Vertafore and InsCipher have partnered to bring the power of Connect™ to  AIM™ users, offering another enhancement to the growing list of AIM™ partner integrations.

Connect, Powered by InsCipher

Let InsCipher Connect automate your surplus lines filing management so that you can focus on higher-impact revenue-generating activities. Here are just a few of the ways InsCipher Connect enhances your existing surplus lines process.


State Filing and Report Tracking

Automatically generate filing, reporting, and payment tasks
based on your policy data for all 50 states.

State Batch Filing via API

Maximize surplus lines filing efficiency by submitting filings
directly from Connect™ to state sites.

Centralized Filing Management

Easily manage surplus lines tax filings company-wide from a
centralized location.

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Reporting Validation and Reconciliation

Connect™ helps avoid errors in filing submissions by running automated compliance checks.

Simple AIM Integration Setup

Our AIM integration allows you to upload your surplus lines data into InsCipher Connect™ system automatically.

Full Surplus Lines Compliance Support

Built-in calculator returns accurate surplus lines tax calculation, provides document templates/stamp wording.

The Business Case for Connect™

InsCipher's intuitive system management alleviates the critical pain points that slow surplus lines processes down, thereby allowing companies to achieve maximum efficiency and cost reduction.

InsCipher Connect™ helps companies cut costs by:

  • Eliminating manual filing with API Batch filing to state offices.
  • Maintaining reporting compliance with automated tax calculation and compliance checker.
  • Avoiding missed filing and reporting deadlines with Connect’s automatic filing tracker.
  • Easily consolidate surplus lines filing activities across organizations—without spreadsheets and email.
InsCipher Infographic - Vertafore Orange Partner

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