Private Flood with PL Rating® and Aon Edge

Explore private flood insurance that works for you and your customers.

Save your clients money

Premiums average 40% less than the standard NFIP policy

Simplified underwriting

No elevation certificate or photos required

Customized coverage

Fully customizable coverage limits and deductible options

When Should You Consider Private Flood Insurance? 

All 50 states have experienced floods. Yet, only about 5 percent of U.S. households have flood insurance, leaving many Americans at risk. 

Do your clients need protection?


Aon Edge delivers private flood insurance that works for you. Check out this video for an overview.

Learn how you can start quoting private flood insurance with the "PL Rating 20R2 Release Webinar: How to quote private flood with PL Rating and Aon Edge", now available on demand.

Watch this video for a quick summary of how Aon Edge integrates within PL Rating.