CoreLogic® Prefill (Interchange®) and Estimator™ for PL Rating

Give your agency a competitive edge with built-in home valuation

Why CoreLogic® Prefill (Interchange®) and Estimator™ for PL Rating?

Accurate Home Quotes

Provide your clients with the best homeowners’ policy possible by integrating accurate home characteristics from the CoreLogic Interchange database.

Seamless Workflow

CoreLogic Prefill (Interchange) and Estimator allows you to easily create replacement cost valuations for homeowners’ policies that prefill applicable fields, so you can keep the conversation running smoothly with your client without leaving PL Rating.

Improve productivity

CoreLogic Prefill (Interchange) and Estimator’s seamless integration within the PL Rating workflow eliminates the need for you to obtain client information (such as square footage, age of home, dwelling coverage amount, and other home characteristics) from other resources.

How It Works

Add CoreLogic Prefill (Interchange)

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Calculate Replacement Cost

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Learn how CoreLogic® Prefill (Interchange®) and Estimator™ helps you with more accurate home quotes.