Incident Prefill for PL Rating

Give your agency a competitive edge with validated driving history data

Why Incident Prefill for PL Rating?

Seamlessly integrated driving history data

Avoid individual MVR chargebacks from carriers by using PL Rating’s integration to TransUnion’s Incident Prefill. Available in several states, Incident Prefill auto-populates court record information for your clients, helping you avoid time-consuming data requests and passing additional costs along to your customers.

Improve productivity

Incident Prefill’s seamless integration within the PL Rating workflow reduces your time spent on manual/redundant data entry and saves you money by avoiding MVR chargebacks.

Build trust with your clients

Eliminate the need to ask your clients for sensitive information over the phone with Incident Prefill’s auto-populated data from court records. Make it easier to guide the customer conversation with validated customer driving activity before submitting to a carrier to ensure accurate auto rates at the point of sale.

How It Works

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