RiskMatch for Agencies & Brokers

Don’t guess. Know.

Unlock the power of your AMS data to make better decisions

  • Improve client retention
  • Provide better risk advice  
  • Sell more products per client  
  • Win more business 
  • Optimize commissions 
  • Turn data into actionable insights 
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Why RiskMatch?

Make data-driven decisions
With insights from the industry’s largest dataset, RiskMatch® helps agencies and brokerages make better decisions. 

Close new business  
Benchmarking insights and compelling sales presentation tools help you sell more. 

Boost retention 
Retention predictive analytics help you identify policies most at risk. 

Drive growth with more cross-selling
Actionable cross-sell insights help pinpoint the right products for your customers. 

Gain business intelligence 
See your entire business in one place in real-time by office, producer, product, industry, insurer, and premium band. 

“Being empowered with insights into real time premiums for specific industries in a geographic area allows us to win more new business and increase our renewals by demonstrating to our prospects and clients we are placing their business with the most competitive markets."

Sean Ortega, Senior Executive of Agency Operations

United Western Insurance Brokers

Unlock the power of your AMS data

You're sitting on a treasure trove of data, but without the right tools you might as well be mining in the dark. RiskMatch uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the industry's largest data set of in-force premium information to give your agency actionable insights with real business benefits.

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With over $137B of in-force premium, RiskMatch is the insurance industry's most comprehensive data and analytics platform.

Learn how actionable insights can grow your business:

Business intelligence

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Risk Management

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Easy to use

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Learn more about unlocking the power of data

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