From paper to leading-edge technology: How Connor Insurance Agency leveled up using AMS360

Navigating a volatile market: Connor Insurance Agency scaled personalized client services and thrives with their Vertafore technology

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In the world of insurance, adaptability is key. Connor Insurance Agency stands as a testament to this adage. Under the direction of trailblazer Oliver Connor, this family-owned independent agency embarked on an impressive digital transformation journey with Vertafore. This transformation is a lesson in overcoming challenges, enhancing client relationships, and embracing the digital age.

Meet Oliver Connor

Discover how Connor Insurance Agency harnessed the power of Vertafore technology to scale their operations and foster meaningful relationships, allowing them to excel amidst the challenges of a volatile market landscape.


The wake-up call: Drowning in paperwork

Oliver describes his initial venture into the family business as being met with a scene "so out of whack." Recounting those early days, he quips, "It was like stepping into a time warp. Paper was everywhere, and I just thought, ‘we can do better.’”

The quest to improve efficiency and reduce manual labor led them to Vertafore, an insurance technology provider aligned with the agency's ethos: “one size does not fit all.”

Efficiency reimagined

According to Oliver, Vertafore's solutions were pivotal in reshaping their operations. "Every form, every claim, every policy — it's all digitized, streamlined, and incredibly easy to manage," he says.

With AMS360's ability to centralize information, this independent agency was no longer shackled by endless paperwork or disconnected systems. "We've got every policy, claim, or customer contact detail at our fingertips”, Oliver adds.

Oliver notes that another stand-out feature of working with Vertafore solutions is the capacity for integration with other business and InsurTech software. "This integration feature is something that's really put Vertafore ahead of the curve”, Oliver explains. "We've connected it to our CRM, accounting software, and even our email system. This interoperability means we have a holistic view of all our data and processes. It's like having all our tools in one toolbox."

Leveraging automation

Vertafore is more than just a technology provider to Connor Insurance Agency. It's a strategic InsurTech partner that has transformed their approach to business. Automated communication through integration with AMS360 and Vertafore Client Communications has revolutionized client interaction.

This communication feature wins considerable praise from clients, with nearly 700 expressing their appreciation through reviews on the agency’s website.

One day, Oliver received a reply email from a client expressing his gratitude for "staying on top of things." The funny thing is that no employee at Connor Insurance Agency had emailed the customer—the message was automated through integration with AMS360 and Vertafore Client Communications.

"That's when you know you've hit gold. You've put no effort in, and yet the system works perfectly", says Oliver. The agency’s team got the credit for being a trusted adviser, and the client “was just happy to have timely communication."

Triumph through uncertainty

In the face of market uncertainty, triumph for the agency came in the form of dodging a considerable financial bullet. The agency was faced with a loss of a $50,000 carrier contingency bonus—a scenario Oliver Connor aptly described as a "blow that would have hurt." The loss was a threat to fiscal stability, and the scenario presented a real danger of derailing their progress.

However, in the face of adversity, the agency’s strategic tech stack made it possible to effectively bridge the financial gap. As Oliver recalls, they "didn’t feel the sting," an affirmation of the indispensable role of Vertafore in transforming a potentially crippling loss into a testament to the agency's financial resilience and the robustness of their chosen technology partner.



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