Sircon for Individuals

Manage your compliance. 

Complete. Connected. Compliant. 

Sircon for Individuals offers the easiest way to manage your personal compliance. Compliance requirements for individuals are changing all the time. The effort required to maintain education, licensing, onboarding, and appointment compliance takes time away from your business.

  • Stay compliant 
  • Stay educated 
  • Stay licensed 

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Why Sircon for Individuals?

Update your demographics 

Keep your information current with state insurance departments and carriers. 

Stay educated 

Stay on top of your continuing education requirements and credits. 

Monitor licensing requirements 

Apply for, renew, and monitor licensing in all 50 states. 

Spend time where it matters 

Manage your compliance requirements quickly and easily to focus your valuable time on your clients. 

“I had to renew my Louisiana license last week and I was impressed with how smoothly it went. They sent me the form they needed me to fill out and within hours of completing the form, I got word from them my license was renewed.”  

Timothy T. Meade, J.D.

AVP Liability Strategy

Work with clients, not compliance issues

Manage your professional data and compliance requirements in one place.


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Sircon for Individuals makes staying compliant easy

Assurity Life

Assurity Life achieves outstanding efficiency and compliance with Sircon.