Are you scaring away your agency partners?

You depend on your agency partners to grow your customer base. The problem is, you aren’t the only carrier competing for an agency’s business! When choosing which carriers to work with, agents consider a number of factors – and ease of doing business is at the top of their list.

If an agent is asking you for a rate quote, they’re asking several of your competitors for the same thing. This can be a time-consuming process if done manually, requiring agents to rekey data into multiple carrier websites. To avoid the inefficiency and potential for error involved in this method, many agencies choose a rating solution that allows them to access multiple carrier quotes from a single point of data entry. 

So, as you might imagine, if you’re still asking agents to go to your website for quotes, you're making it harder for your existing partners to do business with you and discouraging new agents from even attempting to market to you.  Making your data available to your agency partners through a rating solution is the best way to connect with them and get the business you want. Don’t scare them away with outdated and time-consuming manual processes!

How much of a hassle is it for agencies to get quotes from individual carrier websites?