Connecting for better business: Appetite guides

Written by: Chris Gillespie, Director of Carrier Marketing

Appetite guides are essential to growing and grooming your business. Whether you focus on niche lines or a wide array of risks, appetite guides are the ‘secret sauce’ to the recipe for a better business – allowing your agency partners to know what type of risk you want to write, so they send you the right business.

But here’s the problem: agencies often have as many ways to search for appetites as they have carrier and MGA partners, meaning the less accessible your appetites are, the more likely distribution will gloss over your business and continue to write with insurers they’re already working with.  

Luckily, appetite guides can be published directly where agencies are already searching for information – in ReferenceConnect! By posting your appetites in an easily accessible location, you can win more business and say goodbye to the days of no-hit submissions.

Now, you might be asking yourself, ‘so how do I get started?’ It’s easy and free! All Vertafore customers can publish appetite guides (whether you’re a ReferenceConnect user or not). Simply contact your account manager to learn more. ReferenceConnect with appetite guides is just one more way we’re helping you get closer to your agency partners and be a carrier-of-choice.