Facebook topic ideas for insurance agencies


Many insurance agencies have a presence on Facebook, but consistent posting can be tough. Read on for some ideas your clients and prospects will really “like.”

Posting content on a regular basis is an important part of interacting with customers on your agency’s Facebook page. The more you can get users to engage with your content, the more your posts will appear in newsfeeds and advertise your agency. Sometimes, coming up with interesting posts can seem like a challenge. But no matter what types of insurance you sell, there are all sorts of angles your posts can approach. Here are a few ideas that cater to different lines of business.

Auto Insurance

  • Photos of new concept car announcements
  • Poll: favorite car company
  • Driving tips
  • Road trip checklist
  • Poll: favorite car color
  • Maintenance tips
  • “What was your first car?”
  • What to consider when purchasing auto insurance

Homeowners Insurance

  • Home improvement ideas
  • Green living
  • Seasonal maintenance tips
  • Poll: Which part of your house could use a remodel the most?
  • Decorating ideas
  • Disaster-proofing
  • Poll: Which would you prefer – a bigger yard or a pool?
  • What to consider when purchasing homeowners insurance

Life Insurance

  • Fitness tips
  • Recipes for healthy eating
  • Tips for quitting smoking
  • Poll: What’s your favorite time to exercise?
  • Fun family activities
  • Budget tips
  • Types of policies and how to select the right one

For even more ideas, you can tap into QQCatalyst. Our web-based agency management system uses social media integration to connect with your clients. By browsing your contacts, you can get an idea of what their interests are and cater your posts accordingly. Don’t forget, you can also try hosting contests on Facebook to increase your reach. Short messages about the products or packages you offer are also good, but they should be posted on a limited basis – maybe once per week. Any more than that could come off as spam and cost you fans.