The (internal) customer is always right

By Lynnie Lucas, Content Marketing Specialist

Do you hear that? Somewhere, off in the distance, a panicked voice is shouting, “The millennials are coming! The millennials are coming!” That’s right, the younger generations are here, and they’re bringing along new expectations that you’re going to have to meet, which will change the hiring game for years to come. On top of all the changes the millennials and Generation Z will bring, you still have to retain your top talent, train new hires, and keep the team you already have as happy and successful as possible. 

It’s no shock that the success and happiness of your employees directly impacts that of your customers. So, before the dust settles on the transition from one generation to another, you need to make your internal customers (i.e. your employees) a top priority. 

When you want to bake cookies, the first thing you do is decide what recipes you like and gather your ingredients. Your daily workload runs the same way – you never want to just dump random ingredients into a bowl in hopes the outcome will be the world’s gooiest chocolate chip cookie. Running a business is all about finesse, and improving your internal processes and prioritizing productivity will give your employees the tools they need to get things done. 

Empowering your employees to be the best they can be – and feel better about what they do – drives productivity and attracts new talent. Create a more exciting, dynamic, and engaging workplace to bring new generations to your business and keep the best of the best around for the long haul. 

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