Better info management for insurance carriers and MGAs


New industry trends and changing regulations mean underwriters always have a lot of information to keep track of. While you might have a digital solution in place to review relevant external publications (such as ISO forms), your company could still be stuck in analog when it comes to your proprietary information.

Life without information management software

Internal documents for carriers and MGAs are as important as external publications. Your proprietary rules, forms, and company guidelines are essential to how your company works, but they can be hard to organize and update if you’re relying on printed documents, master spreadsheets, or disorganized digital files.

Another hurdle is the time it takes to sort through internal documentation. In the age of same-day delivery and instant downloads, speed is the name of the game. If your employees need to spend time searching through a binder or spreadsheet, you might fall behind competitors who have already implemented a digital solution for their own internal documents. Even worse, unless your documents are fully updated, employees can make mistakes when they rely on outdated information.

Your agency partners need access to some of your company-specific information, too. Without an easy way to share forms, effective dating, and exceptions, you have to respond to frequent calls from confused agents. There's also the potential for increased E&O and compliance hazards if your agents accidentally use an outdated form.

Better information management for insurance carriers and MGAs

Our ReferenceConnect Publishing solution gathers all your internal information in one digital spot. Mitigate compliance risks by ensuring all your employees are working with your most up-to-date materials from your one-stop shop for proprietary information. Companies using ReferenceConnect Publishing have seen their time organizing and publishing internal content decrease by as much as 30 percent. That’s a significant amount of time your employees can put toward more profitable activities.

Carriers and MGAs that share information through Publishing also make it easier for agents to write business with them. Agents with ReferenceConnect get direct access to the most current information. Easily share relevant forms, effective dating, and exceptions with your agents to reduce no-hit submissions and accelerate quoting, binding, and claims. Both your agents and employees will appreciate streamlining their interactions through better information-sharing.

Improve your ease of doing business and save valuable time all at once. It’s possible with ReferenceConnect Publishing.

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