Put the fun back in functional

By Lynnie Lucas, Content Marketing Specialist

Let’s be honest: We’ve all been somewhere where the customer service has been abysmal. It’s frustrating to do anything when you feel like your needs aren’t being met, and it can cause you to deliberately stop visiting somewhere or leave them a bad review. Your customers’ frustrations are no different than what you feel when it takes an hour for your meal to show up or the department store runs out of your size. It’s easy to forget about what they’re feeling when you have so much on your plate already, but your clients are going to notice when you’re so focused on what you’re doing that you ignore their needs. 

The honest truth is that customer happiness starts with you and your employees, so the easier your day-to-day becomes for you, the more likely a customer is to stick around for the long haul and enjoy working with you. 

Ask yourself if you’re doing something that is causing you to spend hours you could be using to improve your customers’ experience with you. How long have those processes been with you? Have you spent too long assigning new work to people with no visibility into what they’re already working on? It’s maddening for you, we know, but your employees aren’t going to become any more of an advocate for your business if they’re struggling themselves. From the moment your employees walk in, to the moment they leave, they should know what they’re doing, where their work goes after they’re done, and what comes next for them.

Your customers will see through the cracks – they notice when your employees are unhappy and struggling. Don’t give them a reason to question whether their experience was worth bragging about! Staying more connected internally will boost team morale, allowing them to enjoy their work more. Organize your workflows and prioritize positivity and productivity in order to fix the cracks before your customers take notice. You’ll see nothing but a positive change from leaving the status quo behind – put the ‘fun’ back in ‘functional’ and let your employees cheer you on.

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