Simplify the Book Roll process for your agency partners


As part of Vertafore’s focus on agent-carrier connectivity solutions for insurers, Vertafore’s Book Roll modernizes the book roll process by allowing you to digitally request books of business from partner agencies within minutes.

Agencies who use Vertafore agency management systems AMS360 and Sagitta can send their books of business to you directly from their management systems.  Agencies on other management systems can simply export their books of business in ACORD AL3 or XML for you to upload into Book Roll. All imported data is standardized into a single common format for analysis.    

BookRoll Screenshot

Analyze books from any management system:

  • A single, standardized method to analyze and review data from all book rolls
  • Detailed, accurate reports on agency books and policies in order to assess risk and identify opportunities
  • Integrate with Vertafore’s Rating API to allow you to compare rates and coverages with in-force policies using your own underwriting rules, and to automatically populate the data into your quoting system  

All while keeping the process short, sweet, and secure for your agent partners.

To learn how to get started with Book Roll, contact your Vertafore account manager today.