Quick, clear, and available: The three keys to the ideal customer experience

“The customer is king,” as they say. And now more than ever, just pleasing your customers isn’t enough, it’s all about providing them the best experience possible. A great customer experience means more than just making sure someone leaves your independent agency a five-star review, it means there’s something that sets you apart from your competitors and gives your clients something to write home about. There are lots of ways to make your agency stand out, but through speed, transparency, and accessibility, you’ll be setting yourself up for ultimate success and creating relationships that last. 


In the age of Amazon orders and instant gratification, it’s no surprise that your customers need speed, speed, and more speed. They value their time, and however you can improve their experience will leave them wanting more from you. Speed should never come at the cost of quality, though, so make sure you’re delivering the best results in the least amount of time.


At the end of the day, the most memorable interactions we have are with people we trust. And, what drives trust more than transparency? Always be direct and clear - even when you've made no progress or you have bad news to share. Good news or bad, there is no substitute for transparency. In a relationship-focused industry like ours, sacrificing clarity for saving face could cost you important business. Your customers will get nervous if your communication goes dark, so don’t ghost them, and keep them in the loop. 


Imagine being in a bind and having quick decisions to make or important news to share with one of your customers. Just as you’re about to get on the phone and bring them up to speed, you realize you don’t have quick access to their information. Inaccessibility can be maddening, and as frustrated as you may be, your customers only have it worse. Without an easy way to access your clients’ information and documents, you risk losing their business. Show them your value and what you bring to the table by always having their information on-hand and at-the-ready. 

You know what they say, “A happy customer is a happy life!” Curating the perfect customer experience and keeping them happy is more than just a three-step process, but by keeping speed, transparency, and accessibility a part of your values, you’re going to see all your effort go to good use. 

Are you keeping up with customer expectations when it comes to the ideal customer experience? Take our quiz to find out!

Take our quiz to find out!