Top 3 ways carriers can use enterprise content management

There is more information for carriers to track than ever before. From stacks of paper documents to full computer servers, your office space might be in serious need of a professional organizer – just kidding! But if you were to hire a professional to de-clutter your filing cabinets and email inboxes, they’d probably preach the importance of good enterprise content management.  

Enterprise content management, or ECM, is all about taking your paper files, PDFs, ACORD forms, images, and more and making them easily accessible so you can support all your organization’s critical functions. With ECM, you can:

  • Transition from paper to electronic documents

  • Empower employees with role-specific content

  • Streamline processes and improve workflow insight

  • Reduce potentially disastrous risks and E&O exposure

  • Provide exceptional customer service

Here are the top three ways carriers are using ECM to their advantage.

Support your staff at every level of the business

Done right, content management should benefit every employee within an organization. Like snowflakes, each role is unique, with nuances that require specific sets of information. ECM is a great way to ensure every employee, regardless of job title, has the content they need to succeed.

Provide the service your customers deserve

These days, customers expect things to work fast and work well. Webpage not loading? Close it. Customer service wait time too long? Hang up. Long line at the coffee shop? Find a different one. Insurance customers are the same way. More and more, smart carriers are adopting content management and workflow solutions so they can meet customer expectations both in the office or remotely. 

Improve processes by integrating with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) 

AI and ML are all the rage on the tech scene – and for good reason. Both can have tremendous impacts on your business, especially when it comes to content management. Whether its employing automation to streamline employee functions, recognize patterns in documents, or boost business intelligence through workflow and content analytics, AI and ML functions can help you take your ECM – and your business—to the next level.

When you need to satisfy a variety of business needs--especially those that relate to your internal content and workflow processes-- a robust content management tool is the solution you might not have known you needed.

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