Why a 360-degree view of your operations is critical


Written By: Tanner Luxner, Product Marketing Analyst

Managing agency operations is no small task. You can’t plan for what’s to come without a clear understanding of your past and current operations. If managers, supervisors, and principals know what work is in flight, they can better manage where their agency is heading next. WorkSmart provides agencies with the tools they need to see what’s coming around the corner.

In the past, if you wanted a better idea of an employee’s workload or availability, you’d have to check with each individual employee. That’s no easy task with agents deployed all over the field. Modern insurance software like WorkSmart allows you to track down the necessary information in a matter of seconds, providing agencies with real-time insights into operations in order to identify and mitigate potential roadblocks and bottlenecks for their employees.

Say you have a valued CSR who seems to constantly be working overtime. How do you prevent them from burning out while helping them maintain their quality of work? With WorkSmart, you can take a look at their workload and help them prioritize tasks accordingly. If there’s a bottleneck due to office outages or vacation time, tasks can be shifted to underutilized employees who can accommodate more work.  

A holistic view of your operations also makes a world of difference in the renewal process by helping agencies establish a historical record of carrier responses. From there, agencies can discover which carriers have a tendency to slow down the remarketing process and retool their renewal strategy accordingly.

Whether it’s employee resourcing or meeting service levels, every function of your business can benefit from a plan that was created using a 360-degree analysis of your operations. WorkSmart is here to provide you with a clear view of where your agency has been, where you currently are, and most importantly, where you are heading next.

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