We love insurance!

Why this guiding principle is a part of everything we do

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When we ask our customers at independent agencies and insurers how they got into our industry, it’s common to hear that they never planned on working in insurance. What’s also common to hear is that people in the insurance industry find themselves loving it once they are a part of it.

They enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels the independent agency channel. They love working with their community and being part of some of the most important moments of their clients’ lives—from purchasing a new home to starting or expanding a business. And they see insurance as a rich and vibrant community full of people who care deeply about others.

At Vertafore, it matters to us that our employees understand why this industry and our customers’ work is so important. That’s why The Vertafore Way—our set of six guiding principles—includes “We love insurance.” Through this principle we help our team:

  • Appreciate the impact insurance has on the world and are a partner in our mission to improve it.
  • Understand that insurance protects the world, and no other industry could thrive without it.
  • Become passionate and knowledgeable about insurance so that we can play our part in helping our customers focus on what matters most to them.

We recently asked employees to share why they love insurance. Here are some of their answers:

David Rahl, Senior Software Engineer

I’ve been in InsurTech for 14 years. It wasn’t something I had ever planned on doing with my life, but the various nuances of the industry have really grown to become something of a fascination with me over the years. It always seems like there’s something new to learn. Some new way we can apply technology to improve the industry, make life better for our customers, and by extension, their clients. Because that’s what the whole thing is about: helping others.”

Dana Pasquali, VP, Product Management

What do I love about insurance and InsurTech? Honestly, I’ve been in other industries before. I came from oil & gas and cybersecurity. And the interesting thing to me is insurance is all about people. Insurance is really about helping people protect the things they care about most, particularly in a time of need. The fact that we’re just very focused on how we can work together to improve that is amazing."

Kelly Fitzgerald, Senior Compliance Services Analyst

My husband is an independent agent and has been in the industry for over 30 years. Five years before we met, his first wife went intermittently blind. She worked at an ophthalmologist's office, and she was seen by a specialist the very next day. They immediately referred her to a cancer specialist. She lived for 6 more weeks. The cancer had already metastasized, and she passed away at 46. Thankfully, she had medical insurance, disability insurance, and life insurance that helped so much when the family lost 50% of its income and was left reeling with a sudden loss of mother and wife. Her son was the beneficiary of one of the policies, and thanks to his mom, he is almost done with his Master’s degree. Insurance offers some peace of mind and can keep a family afloat in times that are awful. I'm thankful that she thought ahead."

Jennifer Salvini, Senior Product Owner

How could I not love insurance? I'm from Connecticut and Hartford is the Insurance Capital of the World! I have so many friends and family that work at Travelers, Aetna, Cigna, Hanover, and Vertafore. I've been in insurance for 28 years and I'm always learning something new. Vertafore is my family—I love the people I work with and the clients that I've developed relationships with."

Bruce Westman, Director, Product Management

This company and this industry have been my working life, and 36 years later I am still learning new things and love nothing more than to work with our agencies and partners to be able to provide them the software they need to do their jobs efficiently and in turn provide the service to their clients. The internal friends and relationships over all these years thanks to working in this industry and the clients I work with today and over the years that mean so much to me pretty much sums up why I love insurance and this industry as a whole."

Jace Hopper, VP, Product Management

There’s so much opportunity from a product lens around creating disruption here in this industry, and with the amazing products that exist and the value they create for our customers, for the end users. It’s so important that we continue to drive efficiency and create that value, and it’s so important for folks in their trying times. It’s so exciting to be a part of that."