2020 COVID-19 insurance insights and trends, with Tom Super

October 29, 2020 /


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As 2020 winds down we're evaluating lessons learned and planning for 2021! Rick's guest is Tom Super, vice president of insurance at J.D. Power, the nation's leading insurance customer intelligence and CX advisory company whose partnerships extend to the top 20 P&C carriers in the U.S. Tom shares insights into:

  • COVID-19 initiatives for premium relief (9:15)
  • Customized advice: Why agents are more important than AI and bots in this crisis (13:59)
  • The impact of declining customer income (16:25)
  • The benefits of carriers integrating agents into their digital processes (23:46)
  • Key factors about today's consumers that independent agents should know (29:15)


This episode is full of insights to help you make informed plans for the upcoming year.



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