Double your business with your existing workforce, with Ron Glozman

If you're unsure of how AI can benefit your insurance business, today's episode is for you! Guest Ron Glozman is an artificial intelligence guru, thought leader, and CEO & Founder of Chisel AI, an AI solution for the global insurance industry. Ron breaks down how AI is changing the insurance industry and how it can help you double your business with your existing workforce. In this episode Ron guides us through:

  • The seven types of AI (7:34)
  • AI in insurance: Natural Language Processing - data extraction and classification (18:20)
  • Supporting insurers through change management (24:22)
  • Dispelling the myth of AI taking away jobs in the insurance industry (28:01)

Ron simplifies complex information about artificial intelligence and will change the way you look at your business.

Vertafore Insurance Podcast - Ron Glozman


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