How to handle conversations about social justice, with Kwame Christian

Discussions about social justice are important - but they are also often uncomfortable and difficult. In this episode, Kwame Christian joins us to talk about how to have these conversations effectively. Kwame is a lawyer, professor, author, and director of The American Negotiation Institute, and has the world's most successful podcast on negotiation and conflict resolution. Kwame shares insights on:

  • Why America is struggling with conversations about race (7:03)
  • How to overcome the struggle of having difficult conversations (11:45)
  • Next steps after you've had the conversation (22:02)

Americans are trying to have these difficult conversations openly and honestly in the hope of effecting change. Listen for some additional tools and resources from Kwame to enhance your skills with difficult conversations, both in your personal and professional life.

Vertafore Insurance Podcast - Kwame Christian


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