Protect your WFH office from cybercriminals

In a post-pandemic world, it seems working from home is here to stay for many. While we may feel safe, locked away in our offices, or secure office space in our homes, it's crucial that we remain diligent about cybersecurity. Cybercriminals are hunting for prey 24-hours a day. They're waiting for a tiny mistake or oversight to pounce and wreak havoc on our business. Listen in as Brad Schrum of Wingman Insurance — a cybersecurity and cyber-insurance expert with 25+ years of experience — walks through some simple steps we can take to secure our data and explains why cybersecurity insurance is necessary for all insurance businesses.

  • WFH cybersecurity risks (2:23)
  • Cybersecurity statistics since COVID-19 began (8:30)
  • Security red flags in emails (10:57)
  • The cost of cyber-attacks (17:00)
  • Cyber insurance policies (23:10)

Invite your friends and business partners to listen in. We are only as safe as the next person!

brad schrum

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