Surety Bonds made easy, with Aaron Steffey

Insurance agents often shy away from selling surety bonds because they are difficult and time consuming to write. In this episode, Aaron Steffey — managing partner of Steffey Insurance Agency, and co-owner of Propeller insurance — shares exciting news on how to write surety bonds in minutes and how to empower your customers to complete the process online at their convenience. Listen as Aaron explains how automating the surety bond distribution process can bring you new business opportunities. We cover:

  • Surety bonds 101 (7:36)
  • How to save time, keep your customers happy, and block disruptors (15:19)
  • Automating your distribution channel: how it works (16:28)
  • Differentiate your agency: How to use surety bonds to gain a foothold in the commercial space by cross-selling (22:10)

If you've always avoided bonds because they're difficult to write and have a relatively low ROI this is the episode for you, you will gain a new perspective after this episode.

Vertafore Insurance Podcast - Aaron Steffey

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