Vertafore Insurance Podcast - Angela Adams

On this episode of the Vertafore Insurance Podcast (VIP), we sit down with Angela Adams, President of Angela Adams Consulting. Angela is an industry legend with years of experience, making this episode of the VIP one of the most fun and informative yet. As the only female agency owner in Augusta, Georgia in the 1990s, Angela knows what the experience of a successful woman in this industry has looked like over the years and what the future could look like.

  • Jump in at 11:35 to hear Angela discuss how to update your communication channels to the way your customer is most comfortable.
  • Beginning at 16:30, Angela breaks down the experience of women in the industry, where we've been, and how far we've come.
  • Finally, at 24:20, Angela talks about her involvement in the industry and finding groups that will give you a community.
Vertafore Insurance Podcast - Angela Adams


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