Why we're winning the race for modernization

A Vertafore Podcast

Join us as we dive into the world of InsurTech

Just over a year ago, big bets were made on modernization. Legacy tech debt was limiting faster and smarter innovation from happening within the walls of InsurTech leaders. It was time to invest in the future. We saw partnerships in the headlines with big names that brought with them big promises. Today, the question is: now that bets have been placed, who is leading the race for modernization? 

I’m joined by Jace Hopper, VP of Product Management; August Butterbrodt, Sr. Director of Product Management; Ralph Severini, Global Leader of Insurance Alliances for Amazon Web Services. 

Together, we tackle: 

  • What does “platforming” actually mean 
  • What is Vertafore’s plan of attack for platforming 
  • How is Vertafore re-engineering our data strategy
  • Why did we choose Amazon as our digital transformation partner?
  • What makes our partnership with Amazon unique? 
  • What should agencies expect in 2023? 

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