Independent Agents Equipped to Deliver a Modern Digital Experience to Insurance Consumers with Vertafore’s InsurLink

New web- and mobile-enabled solution provides end-insureds with real-time, 24/7 self-service access to policy documents, claims info, more


DENVER (April 14, 2020)—Vertafore today announced the launch of its new InsurLink portal that enables independent agents to offer end-insureds direct, real-time access to their insurance policy documents and data. 

With this self-service access to the information clients need, InsurLink allows agencies to deliver a digital experience that modern consumers expect while freeing agents to invest more time in better understanding their clients’ needs and devising strategies to protect their assets.

The first self-service InsurTech portal with real-time synchronization to Vertafore’s agency management solutions, InsurLink gives end-insured customers self-service access wherever and whenever they need it, including access to documents and other policy data as soon as changes are made. It’s also the industry’s most customizable client platform, enabling agencies to create a digital experience that fully match their branding and website to provide a seamless, familiar interface for end-insureds.

Deliver the CX Consumers Expect 

As customer experience (CX) becomes the most powerful brand differentiator and consumers increasingly prefer self-service solutions for basic transactions, InsurLink allows agencies to deliver both with a convenient online and mobile platform.

InsurLink gives customers 24/7 access to proposals, policy documents, ID cards, invoices, electronic claims submission and tracking and more, along with the ability to make changes and requests outside of office hours without having to wait to speak to an agent.

InsurLink also includes a full-featured mobile app that gives consumers access to their policies from any mobile device. The white-label app is fully customizable and offers a tremendous value for independent agencies to offer a branded mobile experience. And, because InsurLink integrates seamlessly with Vertafore’s AMS360® and Sagitta® agency management solutions, customer data is always up-to-date and accurate.

“Providing access to convenient, self-service options is an absolute must for attracting and retaining modern insurance consumers. The bottom line is if you don’t do it, your competition will,” said Chad Hawkinson, Vertafore’s chief product and data officer. “With InsurLink, we’ve made it easy for any size agency to deliver the sophisticated platform their clients expect for both personal and commercial lines, and build better, stronger relationships that drive customer loyalty.”

Amplify Service & Efficiency

With InsurLink, agencies can dramatically improve operational efficiency while simultaneously delivering better customer service. Because InsurLink reduces the amount of time agents must spend on document distribution and other routine tasks, they can devote more time to engaging with clients, providing high-value risk and business advisory services.

For example, InsurLink can reduce the incoming volume of basic customer inquiries by up to 65% and cuts the time spent distributing certificates and auto ID cards by up to 90%. And by cutting the cost of document distribution by up to 75%, InsurLink allows agencies to invest in growing the business and attracting new clients, all while providing a streamlined digital experience to existing customers.

“Since implementing our client portal, retention is up 4% and we’ve reduced postage costs by 40%,” said Joyce Sigler, vice president at Jones & Wenner Insurance Agency in Fairlawn, Ohio.

Built-in secure file sharing, document management, activity logging and access control for clients and users provides a secure environment that safeguards sensitive data. And, agencies can send customized messages, notifications and alerts through InsurLink to keep customers informed about policy updates and other relevant news.

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